“During a child’s earliest years, they have the potential to learn in a way that is never again possible in later life.”

Watering Whole Holistic Preschool provides quality care and early education for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.

Watering Whole Holistic Preschool is situated on a quiet road in Pinelands, and close to Old Mutual.
Please contact us for directions
hours 8:30am to 12:30pm
Monday to Friday
during term times
contact Linda
cell 079 246 2179

Drawing from different teaching methods and principles, we incorporate
• Developmental and Health Psychology
• Mainstream Education
• Montessori methods and
• Emotional Intelligence
creating an eclectic, individualised and child-centred programme that helps to give children the support they need during this fundamental stage in their lives.

We make use of play, art, music, stories, movement, educational materials and the nature around us as tools for learning.

Based on Montessori philosophy, each child is allowed to guide their own learning and progress at their own pace. This enables them to gradually develop fundamental life skills, fine and gross motor skills, language and communication skills and work towards ‘school readiness’.

We offer a nurturing, eco-friendly, safe space that celebrates the diversity of children and families in all their colours, shapes and forms.

Our unique bookshelf was built to represent the form of a tree with its outstretched painted branches and leaves providing a canopy of ‘shade’ where the children sit and listen to stories. In this way, the children are not only being invited to experience the wonder of stories, but are also learning about the significance of natural features such as trees, which are the source of our story books, the air we breathe and a great sense of beauty.

Our cosy reading corner not only provides excellent incentive for reading and listening to stories, but also simulates the traditional experience of gathering under the tree to listen to the stories told by the elders.

There are two main classrooms, connected to each other, used for arts and crafts, indoor activities and play, reading and “ring time” as well as gym stretches and exercise during rainy weather. The main classroom area also has underfloor heating keeping it cosy, warm and inviting for the children, even in the chilly winter months.

We have a unique Under the Sea themed bathroom, complete with its own aquarium. Our various sea-creatures and fish are a valuable sensory way of introducing children to some the wonders of the natural world we live in and offer a glimpse into the fascinating world found under the sea.

For outside play there is a grassy section for free play and exploring, a jungle gym, sand pit, wendy house and a paved section for riding little bikes on.

We have two bunny residents at the preschool, Fidget and Hope, who enable the children to have hands on experience of what it means to care for other living beings, including the importance of grooming, petting and feeding the bunnies.

We grow organic vegetables in the preschool garden, some of which are used to provide food for the bunnies. The children themselves are involved in not only the feeding, but also the growing and selection of appropriate fresh vegetables for our little furry friends.

We pride ourselves on only providing high-quality wooden and eco-friendly Toys, educational materials and furniture in the school. We make use of, and support, green companies, who specialise in creating educational materials that are both kind to the earth as well as beneficial to early child development. Whatever we are not able to source in wood, we seek out recycled versions of – for instance, our various sandpit tools and toys such as buckets and spades, dump trucks, etc are made from recycled plastic.

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