The Crazy Shop

in Pinelands

3 Daffodil Way, Pinelands, Cape Town
phone • 021 531 8648
(shop hours only)
hours • Wed - Fri: 9am to 4pm
Saturday: 9am to 2pm
web •

A Treasure Trove of Amazing Items
at Wholesale Prices

Unfasten your straight jackets
and explore your wild side!

This OK bizarre venue invites certified bargain hunters, tree huggers, the lunatic fringe, couch spuds, card carrying loonies on the loose, senior citizens of note and rice crispie lovers to sieze the day and visit this treasure trove of inexpensive, quality items.

Children's Toys
Pet Toys
Baby Goods
Essential Oils
Décor Items
Candles & Candlestick Holders
Reading Glasses
South African Memorabelia

hats, beenies, flags

and much, much more...

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