A beautiful and well equipped baby room
created just for the little ones.

From this young age, the babies are soothed
by music and songs. They are also stimulated
through age appropriate intereaction which is
key to development.
The group is small with no more than six babies
between the ages of 2 to 18 months. They have
their own play area away from the older
children where they can play safely.

Extramural Activitie include

Playball, Little Muso's
Story Time, Music

They can also learn to swim
in the warmer months

There is a big outdoor play area
to develop your child's
gross motor skills.

Ready, Steady, Grow!
has been providing stable, quality
daycare since 1998. We pride ourselves
on a small child-to-adult ratio, ensuring
individual attention for each child.

From 18 months to 3 Years
children are in MONKEY CLASS

Children are encouraged to learn through shared
and interactive play, and to get used to more
structured guidance from trained staff.

The 3 - 5 Year olds
are in BIG CLASS

Their activities are are focussed more on
Grade R preparation as well as fun and play learning.
The school is well equipped have a wide range of Montessori materials, toys, educational toys, books and puzzles.

The five areas of learning: Practical Life, Sensorial, Culture, Mathematics and Language are well catered for in our environment. Our program runs during school terms and we relax and play more during school holidays.

The programme includes:

  • Individual activities develop concentration & independence
  • Group activities teach social skills and respect for others
  • At music time we sing, dance, play instruments and learn to appreciate music
  • Creative activities such as painting, drawing and lots more encourage individual expression
  • Story time develops listening skills and vocabulary

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