Moving Arts is a small, intimate Pilates Studio in Pinelands.
Our aim is to create a haven where one can experience
the wonderful benefit of Pilates at various levels to suit
one’s requirement and also find a moment in one’s day
to just breathe and let go of the days responsibilities.

Join us to build your core of strength and increase your mobility in life.

Pilates develops every aspect of physical fitness... Strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility as well as endurance.


Mat class (maximum 8 in a class)
This is a group Pilates class where we work on mats, maximum eight clients in a class. We also work with small accessories, e.g, bands, small balls etc. for variation and enjoyment.

Pilates Orientation class (one-on-one)
We slowly introduce you to the principles of Pilates and prepare you to attend a group mat class. The foundation for effective Pilates is laid in the Orientation classes and should not be underestimated. To achieve true benefit through your training or exercise it is vital to lay a good foundation and understanding of what it is you want to achieve. An Orientation class can only be regarded as an investment. A health profile questionnaire is completed before commencing.
What to expect at the Orientation:

  • Come comfortably dressed in easy to move clothes - something you feel comfortable in. Work bare-foot, but if you feel the cold, wear socks.
  • The studio has cold water, fresh towels and the mats are always spritzed before each class or Orientation.
  • We’ll get stuck into a little bit of paperwork, establish any concerns and also align your expectations with what Pilates can offer you and then off to do a little light work to expose you to Pilates.

Semi-private mat classes (2 people)
Bring your partner along. This is a semi-private mat class focusing on yourself and your partner and allowing you to build and grow at your own pace.

Equipment (Private)
Working in a ‘one on one’ environment on Pilates equipment.

Reformer (Private & Semi-Private)
The studio can accommodate semi-private sessions on the Reformer. Work with your partner or friend and experience a Reformer class together. A solid mat foundation is required before commencing with equipment.

Reformer, Cadillac, Wundachair
Moving Arts accommodates the following Pilates equipment:
Reformer, Cadillac and Wundachair.


Charmaine is the instructor and Moving Arts Studio owner

My journey of movement began with dance at the age of four. Ballet was my love and focus and it helped to lay the foundation for all future movement forms. I went on to add jazz, contemporary and ball-room into my movement enjoyment portfolio. I taught for a ballet studio in Rondebosch and Houtbay for a few years. I then decided to continue on with my own dancing and danced professionally from the age of 21, later becoming part of the cast at Sun City, where I thoroughly enjoyed the exciting shows - 6, Movin’ and Fun & Games, later moving with the show to the Wild Coast.

On leaving the professional dance field I joined the fitness industry qualifying as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Aerobic Instructor and in 2002 as a Pilates Instructor and simultaneously worked for one of the leading Fitness Education companies for almost twelve years.

I continue to increase my knowledge by attending a variety of symposiums, courses and workshops. I recently added the wonderful experience of Nia to my repertoire with the White Belt Intensive course and I am hoping to offer the joyous experience of Nia at the studio soon. My belief in moving to stay healthy and vibrant in life is reflected in my varied interests throughout my life like: Swimming, Ballet, Karate, Scuba Diving, Hiking and Running.

In reflection: “To move is to stay connected. Through movement we can experience our live fully, vibrantly and with joy”.

My wish for my studio is that it is a place for you to 'be', a haven for you to experience the level of fitness you are looking for or to purely add moments of stillness and tranquillity in your daily life. It can be as challenging or as subtle as you wish.

Connect With Moving Arts

Charmaine on
082 574 3375

20 Central Avenue
Cape Town


Pilates Mat
18:00 - Intermediate/Advanced
19:15 - Beginner

Pilates Mat
09:00 - Beginner / Intermediate
16:50 - Intermediate
18:00 - Intermediate

Pilates Mat
06:30 - Intermediate
08:00 - Beginner
18:00 - Intermediate
19:10 - Intermediate

Pilates Mat
08:00 - Beginner / Intermediate
16:50 - Intermediate
18:00 - Advanced
19:15 - Beginner/ Intermediate

Pilates Mat
06:30 - Fitness Fusion / Intermediate
09:10 - Beginner / Intermediate


Month to Month Billing
R95 per class (1 hour duration) Classes are billed in advance for the month. You reserve your slot. Missed sessions can be made up within the month. Please enquire about availability.

Drop-in Classes
R110. Please ensure that the
class can accommodate you
by pre-booking - sms/or call
Charmaine on 082 574 3375

Mat or Equipment classes
R300 (one on one)

Mat or Equipment (Reformer) Semi-Privates - R200 per indiv. Come as a couple or bring a friend along.


Pilates Orientation - R300
lay your foundation, create a solid base and understand what you are trying to achieve before attending group classes.
We cannot over emphasize the importance of experiencing proper orientation.

Shared Pilates Orientation
R200 per individual.
Prefer to bring a friend along for Orientation? Come and lay your foundation together.

*Private sessions or Pilates Orientations not cancelled 24hrs in advance will be charged for.