My pieces are often inspired by nature,
little things like the petals of a flower
the texture of bark on a tree
or the shape of a leaf.

I work in silver, copper, gold and wood
representing nature as I see it.

Manufacturing of
one-of-a-kind pieces

Remodelling of
old jewellery

Crafted from unusual materials,
hand-selected natural gemstones
and highly faceted gems.

90% of these exquisite natural gemstones
are found on the African continent,
and no two stones are alike.

I have fun when I work, and I hope the person wearing
one of my pieces has as much fun as I did creating it.


Learn the age-old art of jewellery making

Copper, Silver, Gold, Wood and Gemstones.
Monique Huppertz Studio will get you started on the right path. Small personal classes (5 per class)
Individual attention for beginners, intermediate and the more experienced.

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