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Intellidance® is a unique series of creative dance programmes created to foster critical development in children aged 0 - 5. Research shows that dance and music activities offered in a loving, safe, multi-sensory environment enhance lifelong learning and neural development.


Intellidance® is a playful and creative approach to movement education in the early years. Our programmes are based on current best practices and recommendations in early childhood development and education, coupled with child and caregiver-approved fun!

The programme model combines exploration and discovery with dance, music, and play designed to nurture our littlest dancers, while strengthening the caregiver-child bond!


Intellidance Babies

Intellidance® Babies (3-11 months)

Come and learn how dance, music, and play can nurture early neural development, while strengthening the caregiver-baby bond! Each week will introduce a new development topic to help you understand how to support your baby's growth. Dance and music concepts will be introduced through circle dances, free exploration, songs and rhymes, and sensory activities that help foster your baby's cognitive, emotional, and physical health. Caregivers will delight in watching their little ones grow and learn while making friends and socializing with others.

Intellidance Tykes

Intellidance® Tykes (12-23 months)

Creeping, crawling, walking, bouncing! Your little one is now moving and exploring the world like never before. With busy little ones in mind Intellidance® Tykes will continue to focus on nurturing gross motor, emotional and social development, through movement concepts, circle dances, free exploration, songs and rhymes, and sensory activities. Caregivers will delight in watching their little ones curiosity and joy making friends and socializing with others.

Intellidance Tots

Intellidance® Tots (2-4 years)

Intellidance® Tots offers a lively environment for independent movers and their caregivers, to experience the joy of dance and movement together. Kids love to figure things out, and this class will provide opportunities to problem solve together. Discover and explore movement concepts, while gaining balance, flexibility, and co-ordination. Animated story telling, songs and rhymes, instruments, props, and simple choreography will add fun and excitement!.

Intellidance Kids

Intellidance® Kids - 3-5 years (un-parented)

Intellidance® Kids is designed for children who are ready for a dance adventure! Kids will explore dance concepts through imaginative play while developing movement skills, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Instrumentation, sensory props, and simple dances will support the development of musicality and self-expression, helping all children become confident movers and shakers!

Concept-Based Movement Education

The Intellidance® programmes use a concept-based approach to movement education. This teaches young children a meaningful movement vocabulary that can be applied to any style of dance, sport, or movement-based activity. Movement becomes a universal language and holistic learning tool that is beneficial to children worldwide.


Conceptual Dance Conceptual Dance Conceptual Dance

In current education theory and best teaching practices, we are seeing a greater emphasis put on the importance of conceptual learning. Teaching our children concepts rather than facts focuses on higher thinking skills versus rote memorization. Learning (creation of new connections in the brain) is achieved during the process.

Conceptual dance is process driven. It challenges and inspires children to explore, inquire, and problem solve. Conceptual dance integrates cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. This creates a holistic and child-focused environment.

A conceptual approach takes dance from a once-a-week activity in an Intellidance® class to a joyful way of traveling through life.

Some of the benefits of these classes include

  • Developing gross motor and dance skills.
  • Increasing co-ordination, balance, and flexibility.
  • Fostering rhythmic awareness and the ability to move to the beat.
  • Developing musicality through exploration of sensory props, songs, music and movement.
  • Developing spatial and body awareness.
  • Moving as part of a group and as an individual in a variety of spatial relationships.
  • Experiencing a variety of circle dances to nurture social development, collaborative dance and cultural awareness.
  • Fostering language development and early literacy skills.
  • Supporting individual creativity and expression.

Class Length

30-60 minutes

Term Length

8 weekly lessons per term (32 lessons per year)

Class Size

Max 10 children per class


R680 per child attending per term. There is also a once-off registration fee of R200 per child which includes a free egg shaker

The Intellidance programme in Cape Town is run by Inger

Inger, whose background lies in music, theatre and performance Arts is the first Certified Intellidance® Teacher in Africa. She is a mother of two and has been working with children for the past five years, teaching music, drama and dance. She has taught and developed various programmes that focus on encouraging self-expression, developing the imagination, building self-confidence, creating body awareness and exploring various emotions. Inger originally found Intellidance® online when she was looking for a suitable dance/music programme for her own children that she could share with them, but could not find anything that felt quite right!

Inger believes that teaching in this age group (0-5) is an immensely rewarding and powerful vocation. She also has a strong interest in research based teaching practices that look at both brain and body development in these formative years which is one of the reasons she loves teaching the Intellidance programmes!

Inger PortraitInger PortraitInger Portrait

Here’s what Inger has to say

“What I love about Intellidance®? …This award winning programme has been created with so much research and love!! Most of all it is created with children in mind…honing in on what makes them tick and utilising methods on how best to help them learn and grow! I am truly excited to be able to share this programme with other families here in Cape Town!

Someone once told me that from the moment your child is born, you spend the rest of your life slowly letting them go, until one day they are independent adults out on their own in the world…As a mother of two, I know all too well how fleeting these moments can be… from a baby who hardly wants to leave your arms, to a mobile toddler, then child you can hardly keep up with!

At Intellidance® we sing, dance, explore and play our way through these amazing moments together, all the while nurturing our bond and supporting our child’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional development.”

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