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Inspiring Stronger, Fitter, Smarter Kids...


Gym Wizards is dedicated to giving all children the confidence for life- by accelerating their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development through our Scientific Six Step Tumble System.


We educate children, parents, school teachers and recreational coaches through a robust educational system as well as providing cutting edge pedagogical methods to make preparing your child for the challenges of life - easier, more effective and fun.

Gymnastics classes for kids have been proven to boost self esteem in children by helping them overcome fear, gain performance skills, develop a healthy self image and gain social confidence. Besides that, it’s fun, healthy and stimulates cognitive development- specifically for reading and maths!

  • The focus is to give the children basic floor, acrobatic, dance and jumping skills that form the ABC’s of gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, acrobatics, stunt work, ice skating, cheerleading, dancing, sports aerobics, circus acrobatics and stage performance.
  • The Six Step Tumble System is designed to radically develop overall strength, flexibility, speed, co-ordination, stamina and posture training as a physical and psychological basis for increased participation and success in all sports. We have dancers, rugby players, hip-hop artists, swimmers, horse riders, soccer and tennis players, martial artists- and more, benefiting immensely from our specialised conditioning training.
  • Gym Wizards' unique approach to teaching children these special skills also results in enhanced social and emotional intelligence


It’s a combination of the following approaches blended together in a tried and tested formula:

  • Application of timeless pedagogical principles (pedagogy is the science of teaching children according to developmental stage/age). Your child learns step by step, each step building on the last.
  • Child Centred communication with children (acknowledging feelings and setting boundaries)
  • Humanistic method of solving difficult behaviours/emotions (shyness, fear, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, low self image, low muscle tone, obesity)
  • Personal connection and care enhances self confidence through a trust based teacher-child relationship.
  • Regular assessments, awards and display opportunities
  • Open communication with parents
  • Learner paced teaching
  • Facilitation of peer learning and support – Co-operation, effort and kindness is encouraged and rewarded.
  • Programmes for all abilities- everyone can do it!
  • Scientific lesson planning makes lessons fun, safe and disciplined
  • Large doses of love and nurturing


Specialist Phys Ed Lessons during school.
Making the lives of teachers easier!

CAPS Curriculum Specialists
for Foundation Phase!

Gym Wizards is fully equipped to plan, deliver and assess the PE CAPS Curriculum for your foundation phase.

We include ball skills, dance, gymnastics skills - everything that can be done in a school hall.
[Note: We do not teach swimming]


Why not outsource all or some of your physical education sessions to Gym Wizards?

  • Kids got too much energy?
  • Rowdy and disruptive in class
  • Are the boys learning differently to girls?
  • Are your teachers Physical Education trained?
  • Do you want more focused and settled kids during important learning time?
  • Would you like education on how to stimulate neural pathways for literacy and numeracy?
  • Would you like better sports teams at your school?
  • Do your foundation phase kids need Fine and Gross Motor improvement?

We have specially trained coaches that will come to your school and teach the Gym Wizards Physical Education curriculum OR the CAPS Curriculum to your learners!

Lessons are tailor-made to your school timetable and pupils' abilities.

All children benefit - not only the talented, sporty kids!

And teachers benefit - we make their lives easier!

  • Our scientific six step syllabus provides an educational gymnastics “map” that the children follow in a step-by-step way, making it possible for all children to experience achievement and joy of movement- along with discipline, co-ordination and all the related physical, health and psychological benefits we all know such good exercise and creative coaching provides.
  • Our qualified teachers deliver a SUPREME version of the CAPS Curriculum that way surpasses the education department’s requirements.
  • No longer do teachers have to worry about updating their PE Class Lessons- we have all the knowledge of the CAPS Curriculum, can deliver MASTER PHYS ED Lessons and assess your children termly for their reports.


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GYM WIZARDS, the educational leader in teaching the FUNdamental TUMBLING gymnastics skills to children, is an official member of the South African Gymnastics Federation, the Western cape Gymnastics Association and is a CATHSETTA ACCREDITED Training Provider.

Our scientific six step tumble system has reached over 30 000 children in more than 25 schools in the Western Cape – truly making us “where children get the confidence for life”.

Since 1998 we have been serving communities, parents and children with the finest quality recreational fitness, tumbling and gym training.

We ensure that every child receives the individual attention that maximizes their development.

We are committed to top quality gymnastics lessons that give children the skills and confidence to face the many challenges of life with robust joy.

We know the importance of “healthy bodies, healthy minds” in developing children and therefore communication and cutting edge teaching methods are imperative in our gym schools.
Each and every child is important to us- and we pride ourselves on the relationships of trust that we foster between teachers and their gymnasts.

Whether low muscle toned or highly talented, we are committed to developing, supporting and bringing out each child’s inner champion!


  • We offer a niche service to kids at primary schools wanting professional gymnastics/tumbling coaching.
    Cheerleaders, circus performers, dancers, singers and actors– all benefit from our programme.
  • We sit “in between” the pre school programmes and the competitive gymnastic clubs – providing a place for graduating active pre-schoolers to come to in Grade 1, as well as a foundational training for talented gymnasts to build on at private gymnastics clubs.
  • We help kids be better all around sports people- giving them the ABC’s of movement through our proprietry strength and flexibility conditioning system.

Tania Williams:
Founder Gym Wizards

Tania started as a young gymnast, went on to gain Springbok colours (National Champion in 1984) and later, after graduating with Honours in Psychology, became National Coach for the SA Gymnastics Team.

She has worked intensively with Russian gymnastics methodologists and child, educational and sport psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and injury rehabilitation specialists.

She was appointed National Coach in 1990, a position she held until 1999. In this capacity she attended numerous international events including the 1998 Commonwealth Games, 1998 Moscow Youth Olympics and the 1999 World Championships in China.

She has developed 10 Springbok gymnasts including the 1999 Junior and Senior African Champions and hundreds of Western Province Team Gymnasts.

She headed the Cape College Gymnastics Club from 1990 to 1997.

Tania created and has managed Gym Wizards since 1998.


Gym Wizards has a Scientific Six Step System designed by Springbok Coach Tania Williams.

  • Step 1: Yellow: Introduction to basic skills (cartwheel, handstand, rolls and jumps on trampoline)
  • Step 2: Blue: Consolidation of basic skills and beginning of sequencing and gymnastics routines
  • Step 3: Red: Intro and consolidation of Intermediate skills (round offs, dive rolls etc)
  • Step 4: Bronze: Intro to and consolidation of some Advanced Skills (front somersaults and handsprings), sequencing of intermediate skills (intermediate gymnastics routines)
  • Step 5: Silver: Intro to additional advanced skills (flick flacks, handsprings, walkovers)
  • Step 6: Gold: Additional advanced skills (back somersaults, front somersault) and sequencing of advanced skills (round off immediate flick flack) Advanced gymnastics routines.

The programme is essentially ‘non competitive’ (recreational) and is designed to fit into the regular children’s extra mural activities the schools offer.

All children are continuously evaluated through the Gym Wizards Star Skills Award Programme.