Independent Support Learning Practice

We help children learn to read, write, comprehend and express.


Helping all children achieve more!

EduHelp reveals
each child’s individual
potential and strengths
to help them achieve socially and academically

EduHelp teaches children to read and write with confidence and meaning. We use the senses and different learning techniques
to help children work within the schooling system.

EduHelp has a unique and specialised approach
to assist children with learning difficulties.

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Some areas in which EduHelp specialises

Assisting Grade 1-4 learners struggling to read & write and with numeracy skills.
Helping them to adjust to the school system.

  • Children may struggle with the transition from one grade to the next. EduHelp assists with this adjustment
  • We maintain the child’s confidence and self-esteem, whilst addressing their educational needs.
  • Using techniques personalised for each child, we work on problem areas or on improving their existing abilities.
  • We offer a safe and loving place for children who may excel academically, yet socially and emotionally need assistance to grow.
  • We assist children with reading difficulties, who mix letters and reverse numbers, or who struggle to sit still and have low attention spans.

Preparing Grade R for Grade 1

  • We develop your child’s visual, hearing, movement and touch skills, improving their number and alphabet knowledge - The basics of numeracy and language skills.
  • We develop your child’s creative and analytical abilities, laying a solid foundation for educational & social growth.
  • We use your child’s preferred learning methods, working with them according to their ability, and progress at a level that is comfortable for them.
  • We enhance expression skills, allowing them to ask questions with ease and learn independently.

Preparation for Grade 8

  • We prepare Grade 7 learners for High School, developing confident communication skills, enhancing their creative thinking and helping them with advanced level English.
  • We work with your child to develop emotional and academic readiness for High School.

Children struggling with English? We tutor learners from Grades 1 to 12.

  • Understanding the foundations and concepts of English
  • Writing, spelling and grammar
  • Comprehension and reading,
  • Research and creative writing
  • Learning English using your own skills
  • Orals, story telling, presentations and essays.

How EduHelp Works

We assess your child

The first appointment is an assessment to understand your child’s reading, writing and spelling difficulties to determine how we could best help your child through their difficulties.

We provide feedback

We discuss the assessment with you and explain what we can do
to help your child.
You also receive
a report.

We prepare
an individual programme

We prepare an individual, tailor-
made, programme
to suit your child’s particular needs.

Your child attends EduHelp sessions

With our guidance, a set of exercises are completed to address difficulties. Sessions are 20 - 60 mins, to suit age and maturity, and are individual unless otherwise specified.

Homework is essential for best results

5 Days of homework of 10 to 20 mins must be completed to see the benefits
at their best.

Melissa Joyce van Oordt

  • BA Honours: Counselling Psychology (UNISA)
  • MA: History (UKZN) • BA Honours: History (UCT) • Psychology: (UNISA)
  • EFR Instructor (First Aid)
  • 10 years working experience with adults and children learning English and learning challenges.
  • 2 years managerial experience in a remedial facility run by a renowned remedial specialist.
  • Diagnosed dyslexic and ADHD individual who personally understands the challenges of struggling through school.

Lisa Anderson

  • MMus: Music Therapy (UP) • BSocSci Honours: Psychology (UP)
  • Early Childhood Development experience.
  • Community and Clinical experience with children who have special needs.
  • Tailor-making music therapy programs for the specific needs of the individual child.
  • Instructional and Educational experience working with children.

EduHelp regularly attends courses to keep ourselves abreast of the latest and innovative material so your child receives the best.


Melissa Joyce van Oordt
Pinelands, Cape Town
Call: 076 609 9574


Please be aware that all sessions must be paid for in advance, and if you are late or miss your session you will be charged.

Please kindly note that lateness and missing lessons will result in your child missing out on essential time and help.

Thanks to Laurence Thorne for his photographic work and
Lynn Siljeur for her volunteer graphic services.

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