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Cannons Creek Independent School is a safe community school with a Christian ethos, staffed by passionate professionals who endeavour to educate confident, trustworthy individuals who are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

In 1997, a group of like-minded individuals got together with one common goal, to establish a school with small classes and to achieve the highest scholastic standards. Teachers were appointed who would rival their peers in the dynamic field of education.

Through the staff’s determination and hard work, supported by the parents and School trustees, the School has provided a platform for learners to be prepared for a combination of an excellent all-round education and life skills.

The School incorporates a Primary School (Grades RR to 6) and
a High School (Grades 7 to 12) writing WCED Matric exams.

The success of Cannons Creek is due to a healthy combination of Christian-based values, our co-educational approach, excellent teaching and a family-like spirit. Pupils look forward to coming to school because Cannons Creek is a place of belonging, of security, of happiness - and a place where pupils are challenged to attain their full potential.

Pupils who attend Cannons Creek will be afforded every opportunity to make a success of their lives through the absorption of sound values and outstanding skills. Our pupils understand that while it is not possible for everyone to be the best, it is essential to do your best.

School Tours

Tours are conducted by the School Marketer, Helene Steenfeldt-Kristensen, on Wednesdays at 09:30 during term time. Should you be interested in being included on a tour please email her on: to make a booking.


Pre-primary: Grades RR and R

  • learning through structured, creative play in a calm, caring and loving environment;
  • concrete learning - this takes place in all spheres;
  • development of gross and fine motor skills;
  • introduction to Letterland and emergent literacy.

Foundation Phase: Grades 1-3

  • giving pupils a good foundation in Reading, Writing and Mathematics;
  • imparting self-confidence and independence to the pupils, as well as a sense of responsibility through a balanced approach to academics, sport, and social interactions;
  • instilling good manners and respect for others in the pupils;
  • community awareness through regular outreach initiatives.

Intermediate Phase: Grades 4-6

In this phase we build on the good foundation laid in the Foundation Phase years by encouraging greater independence and responsibility. Research skills are honed and co-operative, relevant learning takes place within groups; learning is also taken out of the classroom through outings to pertinent places. Teachers strive to make learning a fun activity. Grades have interactive TVs and access to laptop computers in the Computer Laboratory. iPads are integrated into the curriculum.


Middle School: Grades 7-9 (G.E.T)

In the Middle School we are not restricted by onerous external exams during this phase, and are able to expose our pupils to a wide range of subjects with the emphasis on enrichment rather than a narrow focus. While it is still necessary to ensure that certain academic basics are in place, this is the phase during which your child will discover their academic strengths and interests. This is the time when pupils’ self-confidence, self-esteem and self-understanding are enhanced and ease of transition from primary school to high school, from child to adult, is facilitated. During this phase, pupils are encouraged to involve themselves in as much of our extramural programme as possible.

High School: Grades 10-12 (F.E.T)

In the High School our focus is two-fold. Firstly, it is imperative that our pupils obtain the best possible matriculation results they are capable of; the world we live in demands this. To achieve this, we provide an environment where hard work and academic rigour is the norm. Highly qualified and experienced teachers will help your child attain his or her best in an orderly but relaxed and non-threatening atmosphere.

Our second focus is to develop well-rounded young people who are able to participate fully and positively in the society in which we live. Without this, our first focus, i.e. results, would be without purpose. This is achieved by offering many opportunities for young people to get involved, to have a go, to discover their strengths and weaknesses and to constantly improve on these.



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Nursery Way, Pinelands

Mike van Haght and Tracey Wahl

High School Principal: Mr Mike van Haght
Primary School Principal: Mrs Tracy Wahl

Cannons Creek and the
staff will endeavour to:

  • maintain small classes – 16 pupils per class in the Junior School and 20 pupils per Grade in the High School;
  • strive for academic excellence;
  • provide a happy, stress-free learning environment;
  • nurture the children to be responsible, well adjusted and positive members of society.

The pupils of Cannons Creek
benefit through:

  • greater opportunities for extending their individual potential;
  • receiving a caring attitude and individual attention;
  • early detection of problems and early remediation;
  • outings and hands-on learning;
  • a learning environment that is secure, stress-free and stimulating.

Your child will experience:

  • small classes;
  • expert teachers;
  • tutorial sessions;
  • development of learning skills;
  • regular assessment;
  • professionally coached sport;
  • cultural and social activities;
  • aftercare facility;
  • enriching, subject-related activities and excursions;
  • staff in close communication with parents;
  • extension of the National Curriculum.