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Body stress manifests as postural distortions, fatigue, pain, stiffness, numbness and lack of energy if not released. It disturbs the body’s lines of communication, undermining its efficient functioning.


Body Stress Release is a gentle yet precise complementary health technique involving location and release of body stress. BSR helps the body to release tension that becomes stored in physical structures when the body fails to adapt to the stresses to which it is subjected.

Specific sites of body stress are identified by monitoring the response of the body to a series of tests. Gentle but precise pressure is then applied in specific directions. This releases locked-in body stress, providing more energy for self-healing and enjoying life.

The process takes 15 to 30 minutes and generally three consultations are needed where body stress is mild. In severe or long-standing cases, further sessions may be needed. The effects may be swift and dramatic or may take place gradually over a series of consultations, as tight muscles relax at deeper levels.

BSR enjoys a co-operative relationship with GPs, physiotherapists and medical specialists, complementing their work. It does not diagnose nor claim to treat any illness or medical condition.

Most people initially consult a BSR practitioner for pain relief such as lower back, leg or abdominal pain, upper back and shoulder ache, neck pain and headaches. However, BSR is not only beneficial for pain relief. It also enhances the body’s communication lines and co-ordinating abilities, thereby stimulating self-healing and assisting in renewing vitality and energy as the body no longer wastes valuable energy by tensing muscles involuntarily.

Once body stress has been released there is improved muscle tone, reduction in nerve compression, improved circulation, and thus relief from pain and stiffness.

Stored stress interferes with the flow of life-energy throughout the body and often causes fatigue or lack of vitality.

This energy should be used for enjoying life, not for protecting the body.

John and Coleen Beck


John: 021 531 8761
Colleen: 021 531 8763

8 The Crossing
Cape Town

Colleen and I both gave up our teaching careers to study BSR and have been practising in Pinelands ever since then, helping our clients unlock tension in their own bodies to restore self-healing with this life-enhancing technique.




I was a school teacher for thirty-two wonderful years. In 1976, as HOD, I was privileged to be approached by the Cape Department of Education to assist in the founding of South Africa's first Outdoor Education School (School in the Wilds/Skool in die Wildernis) based near Villiersdorp, a hundred kilometres from Cape Town.


In 1981, as the pioneer teacher of outdoor education in South Africa, and as a very fit young man enjoying long-distance running, spear-fishing, motor-cycling and mountaineering, I bent forward and picked up a plastic chair. Immediately I experienced excruciating leg pain. I fell over in agony and shock, and was totally immobilised for many minutes. I was taken to three doctors over a period of as many days, but no medication nor injection nor heat treatment helped in any way. I could not walk nor sleep because of the intense pain. A doctor summoned an ambulance, and I was taken to hospital in Cape Town, where a laminectomy was performed on what the surgeon described as the worst damaged disc he had ever removed.

I was pain-free for three months, and then, just as suddenly, the bullet from hell hit me again, as I got off my motorcycle to go to an early-morning staff meeting at the farm admin office. An ambulance was immediately summoned, and back to the same surgeon I was taken. After an examination and X-rays, the surgeon announced that my operation had failed, and that he would have to repeat the surgery the next morning. Through my curtain of excruciating pain, I remember telling the surgeon that I would have to refuse the second operation, to which he responded, “If you do not have this second operation your stomach lining will be destroyed by the powerful pain medication which you will have to take, and I must inform you that you will probably be wheelchair-bound in your retirement.” I thanked the surgeon for this information, but repeated my refusal of the second operation. The surgeon told me that he would wash his hands of my situation.


On reflection I realise that my cellular intelligence had made this decision for me, but what followed was an awful nightmare of continuing, disabling pain.

Colleen and I were married six months after the operation, and when our first-born, Nicola, arrived on the scene, we decided to move back to Cape Town for her schooling.

I continued to suffer on-going, excruciating back and leg pain for more than seven years as a result of my decision not to repeat the operation. I had to take medication which numbed my lower legs to the point that I could not feel my feet in my shoes, and there were many days when I could not even get into my car to drive to school, let alone not being able to depress the clutch pedal.


After those long years of suffering, the miracle happened. I discovered Body Stress Release, which turned my world around. In fact, I believe that Body Stress Release discovered me. My brother-in-law visited me and told me that he had recently injured his back, had gone to Ewald and Gail Meggersee for Body Stress Release, and had experienced amazing and complete healing. I was most sceptical of “some back-yard people practising a mumbo-jumbo technique on gullible people”, but Brian insisted that I go to them. So, armed with all my X-Rays, I went to this couple for my first session. My thoughts, on leaving their rooms, were that this extremely gentle touching and pressing was an absolute waste of time and money, and resolved not to return for my two follow-ups.

John Beck


However, the events of the next two days revolutionised my mind-set. When I awoke next morning, I experienced an increase of pain – but it was a very different pain – I have often described it as a “healing pain”. The following morning I was almost completely free of pain, and it was then that I realised that BSR was so much more powerful than I could ever have imagined.

I went for a total of four appointments in two weeks, and as from that fourth appointment, some thirty years ago, I have never experienced that awful pain again.


I had experienced the miracle of self-healing. As Ewald and Gail told me, Body Stress Release assists the body in healing itself by gently releasing the overload of muscular stress (body stress) which impinges on the neural system and breaks down our wonderful body-brain communication. The harmful overload may be caused by physical, emotional or chemical stress. Precise releasing of the locked muscles improves our innate self-healing ability.


This life-changing experience had an amazing impact on my health and well-being – so much so that I decided that I had to change my much-loved teaching career, in order to help others in exactly the same way that I had been helped.

I gave up my teaching career at the end of 1996 and in 1997 I studied Body Stress Release and opened my practice here at home in Pinelands. Colleen, having witnessed the transition in my situation, and having experienced the benefits of BSR herself, resigned from her teaching career of twenty-two years, and trained as a BSR practitioner in 2006.

Today, after more than twenty years of BSR practise, it is our continuing passion to assist people in their own self-healing. Colleen and I have two practices at our home in Pinelands, and we love the happy, busy, friendly and healing atmosphere which they have generated.

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