&Beyond is the world’s leader in luxury adventure travel and safaris.


Our roots are in Africa, where we run over 35 magical safari lodges and camps in the most breathtaking parts of the continent and, through this, sustain hundreds of rural communities and millions of acres of precious, sometimes endangered wildlife land.

&Beyond (formerly known as CC Africa) is committed to providing world-class experiences for discerning luxury adventure travellers in some of the most spectacular natural locations in the world. A journey with us is an adventure that promises not only to capture your imagination, but to reawaken your soul. Your days will be filled with thrilling encounters and by night you will be entranced with luxury beyond your wildest dreams. You will be taken care of by extraordinary people whose only desire is to ensure that each moment you spend with us is a perfect moment.

Come with us on a journey through some of the world’s most beautiful wild places, encountering dramatic wildlife spectacles interpreted by highly trained guides and wrapped in the warm hospitality of two different continents. By embarking on an adventure with &Beyond, our guests allow us to make many small but meaningful differences to our planet. Our philosophy of caring for the land, its wildlife and its people lies at the heart of each magical moment spent with us. We believe that successful conservation depends on meaningful partnerships with the communities surrounding the wilderness areas where we operate, sharing the benefits with the people who open their hearts to welcome our guests into the world’s most beautiful natural locations.

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