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  • PHONE: 072 678 4694 or 084 427 6057
  • ADDRESS: 45 Forest Drive Service Road, Pinelands, 7405
  • HPCSA no: BK 0022608
  • PRACTICE NO.: 0654434
  • HOURS: 6:30am - 6:30pm
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Aimee Barrett

BA Hons. Biokinetics (US)
MSc in Sport Science (US)

Havillan Abrahams

BSc Hon. Biokinetics
Bsc in Sport & Exercise Science


Biokinetics uses the science of movement in the application of exercise as rehabilitative treatment for return to full function and sport. A Biokineticist is a medical professional who prescribes Scientifically-based Biokinetics exercises specific to the individual’s needs.

There has been a growing concern of sports injuries and poor health in the general population - Biokinetics is an ideal way to rehabilitate injuries and improve health conditions as well as provide services such as injury prevention, sport specific conditioning and posture correction.


  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention
  • Sport specific training (endurance, speed, agility, proprioception, co-ordination)
  • Management of chronic conditions (obesity, diabetes, Parkinson’s)
  • Health/weight management
  • Posture correction
  • Muscle imbalance correction

  • Initial Consultation: R430
  • 60min Exercise Session: R380
  • 30min Exercise Session: R280
  • Vitality Fitness Assessment: R400
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