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Services in Pinelands: Religion
Sue Ryan Clinical Pastoral Therapist
Clinical Pastoral Therapist
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Pinelands Baptist Church
La Gratitude, Pinelands
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Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship
Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship started way back in August of 1992 when a group of Greek Christian believers invited Pastor Andreas and Christalla Kyriacou to plant a church reaching out to the Greek speaking population in the City of Cape Town.

After years of labouring and reaching out to the Greek community in the City without any apparent results, the Lord Jesus opened our understanding and revealed to us by His Spirit through the word that we needed to change our focus, our vision, and our structure.

The name of the church was then changed to '' Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship.'' Our vision was then broadened to reach out with the gospel of the Kingdom to all nations in the City, welcoming people into the church from every nation and culture, as it is written in the book of Isaiah.

'' I will plant in the wilderness the cedar and the acacia tree, the myrtle and the oil tree; I will set in the dessert the cypress tree and the pine and the box tree together, that they may see and know, and consider and understand together, that the hand of the Lord has done this, and the Holy One of Israel has created it.
Isaiah 41: 19-20

Our Mission
To build a house of prayer for all nations. Isaiah 56:7
To proclaim the uncompromised Word of God. 2 Timothy 4:2
To show mercy to the poor, the widow and the orphan. Isaiah 58:7 and James 1:27

Our Purpose:
To teach, train and release seasoned disciples whose purpose is to bring restoration to their family, the community, the city and the nation.
CONTACT: 021 531-7692 / 7358 • • aoc@telkomsa.net
Christ The King Catholic Church
CONTACT: 021 531 7049 (O)
021 531 5223 (Presbytery) • •
New Life Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Part of the international fellowship of Vineyard churches, New Life Vineyard embraces the reality of who God is and his ability to work in our lives.
We seek to be a reconciling community, bringing people closer to God and each other.
We are passionate to see healing and restoration in the lives of people, families and communitities.
We desire authentic community and vibrant spirituality.
CONTACT: 021 531-6282 • • office@newlifevcf.org.za
Pinelands Congregational Church
Sunday Services:
Morning Worship: 09h15
Junior Church: 09h15
Weekly Bible Studies as per notices in church bulletin.
CONTACT: 021 531-1400 • • pcchurch@xsinet.co.za
Pinelands Methodist Church
We are a Christ-Centred Community Church, seeking to dispense the unconditional love of Jesus to all people.
CONTACT: 021 531-8972 • 082 783 5899 • crockeym@xsinet.co.za
Pinelands Muslim Association
Contact: Riad Davids
CONTACT: 021 532 2475 • •
Pinelands Presbyterian Church

CONTACT: 021 531-8408 (O), 021 531-3787 (H) • •
Southpoint Church
Sunday Service 09h30 @ Rhodes High School, Richmond Ave, Mowbray
CONTACT: 021 531 3317 • • pam.stabler@southpointchurch.co.za
St Andrews - Church of England in SA
We are part of the Church of England in South Africa.
Our services are open to all and all are welcome.
CONTACT: 021 531 1433 • 082 667 6129 • standyschurch@gmail.com
St. Stephen's Anglican Church
Clergy: Anthony Gregorowski and Ntuthuzelo Lutya, and Parish Worker, Mrs Velma Jansen. All the congregation are invited to be ministers, and so to serve God in Church and Community. Our Sunday services are at 07h45 & 09h30, both Holy Communion services and always with the Scripture based Word, prayer and praise.
Sunday evenings vary, usuall at 18h30 - and include a monthly Healing Service and Choral Evensong (1st Sunday at 19h00).
Childrens' Church and a Creche also operate at 09h30, during the main Eucharist.
All are welcome.
CONTACT: 021 531-7480 • 531-7480 • saintstephen@yebo.co.za
The Chapel of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament

CONTACT: 021 531-0694 / 021 552-3850 • •
The Church Of JC Of Latter-Day Saints

CONTACT: 021 531-6903 • •
The Potters House

CONTACT: 021 531-6813 • 072 697 1342 •

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