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We have listing & subscription options to suit
the needs of both bigger and smaller businesses

Free and Budget Listings

Basic Listing

For R100 per year you get

Your Business Name
listed in the lower (dark green) section in smaller text size on the appropriate Guide page.

Basic BusinessDetails Pop-up
Your business name links to a pop-up showing your phone number and a 5 word description of your services.

Budget Listing

For R400 per year you get

Your Business Name with a 10 word subtitle
listed in the middle (light green) section in medium size text on the appropriate Guide pages.

Brief Business Details Pop-up
Your business name links to a pop-up listing your phone numbers, address, email and a text only description of your services.


For R900 per year you get

A Subscriber Kit With:

Your Business Name, logo and a 20 word subtitle
prominently displayed in the top (blue) section in large text size on any appropriate Topic pages.

Business Details Pop-Up With Pictures and extended information
Your business name links to a large pop-up with pictures, your phone numbers address, email, website link, an extended description of your services and other details about your business. You can also have links to show supporting documents such as catalogues, price lists or menus.

Add-on Options For Subscribers
these can be added at any time to your subscription for the additional prices shown

Guide Page Top Banner
(530 x 120) banner image at the top of a Guide page. Only one top banner per page for maximum impact !
Price: R300 per month

Guide Page Side Advert
image in the right hand column of a Guide page.
(175 x 120) R150 per month
(175 x 175) R200 per month
(175 x 240) R250 per month

Home Page Side Advert
image in the right hand column of the Home page.
(175 x 120) R400 per month
(175 x 175) R450 per month
(175 x 240) R500 per month


Don't have a website yet ?
We can fix that
for you !

We can host a single webpage on the Pinelands Directory, with a web address..... perfect if you just need a basic web presence. Talk to us.

If you need something more than a basic page , our associates
browncow and bytesized
will get an efficient, affordable website up and working for you, and help you with your business media design as well.

Top Banners
Side Adverts

These are effective for announcing promotions, specials and new services, or simply to catch the visitor's attention.

A Top Banner appears at the top of the page and has the highest visibility. We only allow one such banner per page for maximum impact. We recommend a size of (530x80) pixels.

A Side Advert appears in the right-hand column of a page. (just where you are reading now). Banner and Side Adverts can be linked to:

  • Your business details pop-up
  • Your own website
  • A hosted mini page with more information about you.
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