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The wellness way

Established in 2007, Wellness Warehouse is the combined inspiration of brothers Sean & Carlos Gomes. Sean is a medical doctor with a passion for preventative health and Carlos is a pioneer and health-obsessed visionary with a lifetime of retail experience. With their combined skills in retail and medicine they created the first store in South Africa with the sole purpose of offering a comprehensive list of health and wellness products to help you to live life well.

The Wellness Revolution

We want people to live life well by offering a 360º approach to wellness- a holistic, sustainable and transformative approach that delivers results by uniting people and product through experience. The Wellness revolution is not a fad or a trend; it’s a way of existing in the world that permeates every aspect of our lifestyle. It influences the way we eat, exercise, sleep, work, age and think. With our omnichannel retail solution, the products that we offer and the information that we share,we hope that you can continue making the best, educated choices for your health.

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