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About Us
Helping you realise your child's full potential.
No matter the age or ability, Kumon is there for you!
Kumon is an educational method which uses Maths and English skills to develop the potential of each child. The aim of Kumon is to unleash each child's potential to love learning, by improving confidence and self-esteem, and encouraging self-discipline and a good daily study habit.

There is no failing in Kumon.
Each child works at his or her own carefully monitored level

Kumon Programmes take a linear approach to learning. A concept is introduced with simple exercises, then work gradually increases in difficulty in very small, incremental steps.
The Kumon Maths Programme
Aims to make high school Maths easy.
Strong calculation skills are the foundation for success in advanced Mathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus.
  The Kumon English Programme
Develops reading comprehension ability.
Students with strong reading comprehension ability read passages quickly and accurately, and grasp their meaning with ease.
Counting to 107ALook, Listen & Repeat
Counting to 306AReciting Words with Pictures
Line Drawing. Number puzzles to 505ALetter Sounds
Writing Numbers up to 504AConsonant Combinations & Vowel Sounds
Writing numbers up to 120.
Adding with numbers up to 3
3AAdvanced Vowel Sounds & Sounding Out
Adding Numbers up to 102A Function of Words, Reading Alound
Horizontal addition & Subtraction ASentence Structure & Topics, Thought Sequence
Vertical Addition & SubtractionBSubject & Predicate, Comparing & Contrasting
Multiplication, DivisionCConstructing Sentences, Organizing Information
Long Multipilcation & Division, Fractions IntroDCombining Sentences, Main Idea & Paragraphs
FractionsEClauses, Reason & Result
Four Operations of Fractions, DecimalsFReferring Words, Interpreting Text & Paraphrase
Positive & Negative Numbers, Algebra IntroGPoint Making, Theme & Story Elements
Linear & Simultaneous Equations, Inequalities,
Functions & Graphs
Factorization, Square Roots, Quadratic Equations,
The Pythagorean Theorum
Basic High School AlgebraJCritical Reading
Quadratic, Fractional, Irrational, Exponential
KElements of Literature
Logarithms, CalculusL Interpretation
Trigonometry, Straight Lines, CirclesM
Loci, Sequences & Series, Limits of Functions, DifferentialtionN
Advanced Differentiation & Integration,
Differential Equations
Statistics, Probability, Matrices, Vectors, Equations of Space & Planes in Space, Triangles
(Sine & Cosine Theorums & Application)
The Kumon Advantage

Individualised Programme
Kumon is an individualised programme, suitable for children of all ages and abilities. Students absorb knowledge at different rates. Kumon recognises this and allows each student to work at his or her own pace
Easy Starting Point
Each child starts at a point where they are comfortable, ensuring that a solid foundation is laid for more advanced study. This builds confidence, self-esteem and success right from the start.
A Daily Study Habit
Students are required to do Kumon every day for between 10 and 30 minutes. Nurturing good study habits, time management and goal setting brings confidence and the freedom to tackle any problems. Good study habits are instilled, improving concentration, accuracy, fluency and a positive attitude to learning.
Mastery Through Practice
Competence through daily practice is the essence of Kumon. Students are allowed to practise each new concept until they are really competent. This level of fluency at each stage ensures that there are no gaps in their understanding of the materials covered and that their level of confidence is maintained as they progress. Being able to work quickly and accurately builds a growing sense of achievement and enables your child to tackle more challenging work with confidence.
Building a brighter future for your child means equipping them with the knowledge and skills they will need both at school and throughout their adult life. At Kumon, we develop self-learning abilities by guiding students to think for themselves, all within a structured and motivational environment. They become confident, independent and able to take responsibility for their own learning.

Enrolment interview and diagnostic test, to establish the Individual Starting Point

At the Study Centre
After school at the Centre twice a week

At Home
20 to 30 mins at home work on non-centre days

Rewards and Motivation
At Kumon we believe in recognising students' achievements through regular and specific praise and motivation. Each student is awarded with an Achievement Certificate on successful completion of a Kumon level and Kumon has an Advanced Student Recognition Programme for those students who surpass grade level.
The Magic of Worksheets
Kumon continually revises their learning materials to meet the current needs of children.

Kumon's materials allow students to study work which is two or three years above their own school curriculum level.

Students can practise until the step is thoroughly mastered. Then the next step is introduced, building on the foundation established by the one before.
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