Lisa Pereira: Certified Personal Trainer
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About Us
Want to Look Good and Feel Great?
Let Me Get You Moving!
It's never too late to start an active lifestyle - no matter how old you are or unfit you feel, exercise can improve your quality of life. Not knowing where to begin, getting started can be daunting. But once you have made the decision to take control of your health and well-being, having your own coach and motivator will ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

60 minute and 30 minute express sessions
Special rates for partner training
Free introductory session
Whether you want to lose (or gain) 5kg, run your first 5km, improve your tennis game, or maybe just touch your toes, your spirits will lift as you accomplish that which you previously thought impossible.

With a one-on-one personalised programme tailored to your needs and abilities, you can have fun getting fit.

Why Hire a Personal Fitness Trainer?

  • The ultimate support system
    encouragement and accountability - someone who wants to see you succeed
  • Learn how to exercise safely
    with proper form and technique, reducing your risk of injury
  • Maximum results in minimum time
    save yourself time and banish frustration through ineffective effort
  • Eliminate boredom and overcome your training plateau
    with a wide variety of exercises that will challenge and inspire you

What to Expect

  • Strengthen, tone and shape your body with a variety of resistance training tools (dumbbells, balls, bands). Combined with a healthy diet, strength training will kickstart your weight loss by boosting your metabolism.
  • Build a strong, healthy heart through cardio-based activities that get the blood pumping. Enjoy increased energy and vitality, decrease stress levels and reduce the risk of lifestyle disease.
  • Get nutrition tips on how to fuel your body, learn to eat the right foods at the right time for optimum performance. A balanced eating plan will assist with weight control without denial or deprivation.
  • Improve flexibility and mobility, balance, coordination and posture.