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About Us
Is your bin not clean, hygienic and fresh smelling?

A refuse bin that is not regularly cleaned and disinfected is smelly, breeds bacteria and attracts flies, insects and rats..... so it's unpleasant to handle and a health risk to your family.

What Kleen Bin Does For You

On your regular "rubbish days", our mobile unit comes to you to clean and sanitise your bins. You don't have to be there when we call, just leave the bin out where we can get to it

Kleen Bin deep cleans the inside of your bin using a jet spray, and scrubs the outside. Our cleaning system disinfects, sanitises and deodorises your bin, leaving it spotless and pleasant smelling.

Water-Wise, Eco-friendly and
Complies With Local By-laws

Regularly cleaning the bin yourself is a nasty, unpleasant and difficult job. It uses far more water than really needed. Cleaning a 240 litre refuse bin with a hose at home uses about 50 litres of water. Kleen Bin's high pressure sprayer uses only 1 litre to clean and disinfect the same bin.

The machine filters and uses recycled water. Only SABS approved and CSIR tested, biodegradable detergents are used so it's kind to the environment.

Commercial and Domestic Services

Besides the domestic service for housholders, we also service Retail Stores and Malls, Hotels, Flats, Offices, Scools, Factories, Restaurants and Parks.

Local by-laws prohibit the discharge of contaminated water into the storm water drainage system. This means you can't let bin washing water run into gutters. Let us take care of that problem for you with our council-compliant solution.

We can assist you to make your bin area compliant with Health and Safety Act requirements.

Areas We Cover

Pinelands, Thornton, Maitland & Maitland Garden Village, Oude Molen, N'dabeni, Kensington, Factreton, Epping 1, Langa, Viking Park, Windemere, Paarden Eiland

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