TSiBA Education
land line •  021 532-2750
fax •  021 532 3924
address •  Mupine College, 307 Forest Drive Extension, Pinelands, 7405
postal •  PO Box 13071, Mowbray 7705, Cape Town
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web •  www.tsiba.org.za

About Us
TSiBA Education is a private provider of
Higher Education in business.

TSiBA offers a unique Foundation Year Certificate in Business Administration followed by an enriched Bachelor in Business Administration focused on Entrepreneurial Leadership.

The TSiBA degree is fully registered and accredited by the Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education (No: 2007/HE08/001).

All students at TSiBA are on scholarship so TSiBA partners with corporate and individual funders who sponsor the operations and management of the institution.

TSiBA specifically targets scholars and potential students that would otherwise not have access to tertiary level education, by offering successful applicants full tuition scholarships.

Building a "Profile of Graduateness"

Education is more than just building knowledge - it encompasses the lessons that we learn through experience and exposure, and how we integrate those into our behaviour.

At TSiBA, we build what we call a "Profile of Graduateness" - looking at what it takes to be a successful graduate over and above theoretical knowledge. We do this using a model we have put together that integrates the three areas that create a graduate: Attitude, Skills and Knowledge.

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