By Melissa Joyce van Oordt
of Eduhelp Pinelands

Working with children to give them a better chance at becoming the best they can be in a very challenging intensive school environment. My passion is that every child should be allowed to reach their own potential using their own methods of learning! Allowing every child to become a success in their own right.

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Why More Education?
With the increasing pressure of a child to learn in larger classes there is an increasing demand for education outside of the classroom. Simply we all learn better on a one to one basis so why not give your child this advantage.

Education is the base for any child's future. Having a stronger foundation and a broader knowledge base gives your child an advantage especially later on.

The world has become more competitive and if your child can match the competition, if not excel above it, they have a stronger chance of making a good future for themselves.

The best investment for any child
is a better education.

Why Me?
Many parents ask, why me? Why does my child have to struggle? My answer is simply, not every child who struggles in school is going to struggle after school because not every child learns the same way!

So why me? This should become, what can I do to assist my child learn to the best of their abilities in the school system. Promote your child's potential. So, invest now, make the smart move and help your child to achieve the best in their learning at school.

Every child deserves the chance to understand who they are and how to be the best that they can be!

Why My Child?
Whether it is to increase your child's knowledge or assist them because they are struggling in class you are doing the best thing for your child by investing in education outside of the school environment.

For a child struggling in the classroom, the extra assistance not only boosts their self-esteem, but also gives them the necessary life skills to exist competitively with their peers. It gives them an equal chance to realise their own potential.

For children who require extra knowledge or skills, this programme allows them to reach their own potential without being restricted by a classroom environment because they can move at their own pace.

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