Child Care Tips & Advice

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Activity Workshop

Stimulating 1 to 2 hour sessions for parents, babies and toddlers using touch, song dance and art. An excellent way to meet other parents and spend quality time with your child.

Baby Proof Your Home

It is essential to baby proof your home as your growing baby loves and needs to explore; it is his way of learning about his environment and his own body through touch, feel and test.

Some points to consider:

  • Electrical:
    Babies are very curious and love to poke fingers and other objects into holes. Make sure that there are no loose electrical cords lying on the floor or hanging down. Outlets covers are easy to install and can prevent possible disaster. Heaters must have a safety shield around them or installed high up.
  • Cupboards:
    Install child locks on all kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers; make sure to put all sharp, breakable or poisonous objects out of child’s reach. All furniture in baby’s room should have round edges and be painted with lead free paint.
  • Choking hazards:
    Keep an eagle eye out for small objects such as needles, coins, jewelry, as well as small toys such as logo pieces, beads or buttons that are lying around. Avoid leaving fluffy stuffed toys in baby’s crib before the age of 18 mth. As loose fur and buttons eyes can be pulled off and pose suffocation and choking risk.
  • Indoors:
    Remove or fix any unstable furniture, ornaments or table cloths that could slid or be bumped or pulled over. Block stairways, and windows make sure to lock all low windows. Secure any blind cords out of child’s reach. Always assume that your child is able to reach more then you think, and lock away any potentially dangerous items- hammers, guns, screw- driver, even pen and keys.
  • Outdoors:
    Keep checking that your garden gates are closed and secure! Build a fence around swimming pools, fish ponds and deep water features. Some of the most beautiful plants in our gardens are highly poisonous, consult an expert at a nursery which of those you may have in your garden and remove them or block access to them.

Discipline Tip

Choices are better than bribes because they encourage independence and self respect in a child.
Bribes foster dependence and passivity as well as a manipulative approach to life! Try to give you child two choices in order to achieve the desired behavior; it will give him a sense of empowerment as he can ‘choose’ rather then being forced.

For example, don’t say :
“Get in the car right now!”
“If you come quickly then I’ll buy you something at the shops”
(this can become “I won’t come unless you promise to buy me something”)

Rather try something like:
“Would you like to walk to the car or would you like me to carry you?”

Tummy & Back Time for Babies

Putting baby on her tummy when awake is the position from which movement begins. “Tummy Time” helps baby gain control of the upper body and it prepares baby for rolling over and forward motion. Reaching for toys while on tummy causes baby to shift weight from arm to arm which strengthen the arms, hands, head and neck muscles.

Playing with baby while he is on his back helps strengthen tummy muscles and gain trunk control. The arms and legs are given the opportunity to interact as a team in the midline (Bilateral coordination).

Be aware not to let baby spend too much time in the supine position (like supported sitting on sitting in a car chair) as it puts pressure on back muscles and can slow down head control. Baby may also miss out on the vital movement experience necessary for sensory motor integration.

Article supplied by Ofra at Activity Workshop