Security Tips From
The Pinelands Community Policing Forum & Neighbourhood Watch

Protection of personal information
Shred any documents that could provide computer hackers and other criminals with your personal details before throwing them away. This includes envelopes, bills, bank statements, credit card and ATM slips. Criminals comb rubbish dumps and get bin-scratchers to collect such personal information.

Credit Card Cloning
This activity is on the increase. Do not let your credit card out of your sight. Rather ask that the machine be brought to you or accompany the waitron or vendor to the desk.

Be secure when outside gardening
Don't leave the house doors open and unattended. Robbers can easily sneak in unnoticed.

Compost Seller Scam
Some compost sellers dump more than you requested and them insist you pay for it all.

Taking your car in for repairs or equipment fitting
Be sure you give your keysand personal details to the correct and trustworthy person when handing your car over, otherwise your car or equipment could be stolen.

Drawing Cash From Banks
You are advised to be especially careful when drawing large sums of money from a bank, either to pay wages to your staff or for some other reason. It has come to the attention of the police that a syndicate is operating in the Metropole. They follow you from the bank, using different cars so as not to arouse suspicion. You need to keep a lookout for cars tailing you. Better still, ask the police for assistance; they will be only too willing to accompany you to your home or your place of work.

Don't advertise that your are away from home
Arrange to have new recycling bags removed from your letterbox and your bin taken off the street. Cancel newspaper deliveries or have them collected daily with your mail.

Don't put refuse bins out the night before collection
Rather put them out on the day of collection. This discourages undesirable individuals from roaming the streets at night to rummage in bins.

Removal vans
Check with your neighbours that they are in fact moving if you see goods being loaded onto vans. Also look out for any suspicious additional vehicles at the scene of a legitimate removal.

Walking alone at night
It can be dangerous to walk alone, or even as a couple, at night.

Reporting a burglary
When reporting a burglary it is important to get a printout from your security company if the alarm was activated. This may be required as proof by your insurance company or the police.