What Pinelanders Are Saying
Gap Housing
Those that missed the meeting on the 20th June 2012 will now have to wait for further developements by DAG on gap housing. Some interesting ideas were put forward by DAG. Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting
John: 21 Jun 2012 : 05:33 pm
Dark dirty stasion Alley.
Dear Readers,Please there is no lights in the dark & Dirty alley from the stasion to sunrise circle,,
Mrs F.G Petersen: 12 Jun 2012 : 12:10 pm
Gap Housing
I am advised that Alderman Walker wrote letter to the Letters page of the newspaper to correct the report An extract reads : The City recognises that many suburbs within Cape Town are not suited to gap housing developments and existing single residential areas not aligned with public transport infrastructure will not be considered. Furthermore, Cape Town’s natural and cultural assets throughout the city need to be conserved. It is these assets which make our city unique and give it the edge as an attractive place to live in and to visit, and thus, natural and heritage areas and public open spaces are not viewed as appropriate areas for densified residential development.TheSDF succeeds inoutlining how Cape Town could be more inclusive, integrated and vibrant whilst still ensuring that the natural and built environments will not be negatively affected.
Brian Watkyns: 6 Jun 2012 : 05:12 pm
gap housing
Read in the Argus that gap housing is to be built in Pinelands. Could we be informed officially where abouts this will be built.
erica: 6 Jun 2012 : 10:53 am

Hi pinelanders I am looking for a flatlet/cottage within the pinelands area . please call me 0846095501
: 28 May 2012 : 04:30 pm
People care
I was with my 3 boys at the "park" on Dagreek yesterday afternoon and was pleasantly to see one of the families who live facing the park doing repairs on the park equipment casued by a group of vandals a few nights earlier. How fantastic that there are still people like this in Pinelands. Thank you!
Nicola Bjorkman: 21 May 2012 : 03:04 pm
Clyde Pinelands needs a clean up.
Please could you confirm the ownership and status of clyde pinelands soccer club. The facilities are run down and not maintained as a result not being used. We either need to maintain the facilities or Develope the land. This is a key access point for 70% of our crime
Peter Hofmann: 20 Apr 2012 : 08:44 am
New Municipal Tip at Pinelands Station
For anyone interested a new municipal tip has been opened at Pinelands Station just out of the reserve next to the 3 Temporary Toilets
John: 11 Apr 2012 : 02:35 pm
Answers to comments/questions
Who would be willing to answer the communities comments or queries posted in the "My two cents worth column?" Questions are asked, comments made and that is as far as it goes. Mr Watkyns would you be able to help or guide us, the community,as to where we could expect to find replies please. any replies please?
B Dawson: 5 Apr 2012 : 03:41 pm
I stay In Kindroggan bordering Jan smuts drive and the trains in the past month are constantly hooting on approaching the Mutual station.Work has long since been completed and i personally watched a train driver hoot at a girl at 9.50pm 28th March 20I2 LEAVING MUTUAL STATION. I do not know who to phone and complain to. This goes on night and day and is (A) - frightening and (B) - WHY ? It is VERY VERY LOUD and my NERVES are SHOT Mr Watkyns please find out what is going on
B Dawson: 30 Mar 2012 : 04:36 pm
Notice forum for items for sale in Pinelands
I would like to propose that a forum be set up here or in the muse where one can list items for sale or look for items to buy.Cell phones on Gumtree are expensive and Pinelanders would rather buy from each other. I am on the lookout for a car and do not have the funds to phone cell phones on Gumtree. Kwikspar has removed their noticeboard and there is NOWHERE where Pinelanders can advertise
Mrs Rogers: 30 Mar 2012 : 04:25 pm
The noise levels in Pinelands, coming I think, from Athlone Stadium, are ridiculous! Instead of a lovely quiet suburb, I have music or yelling wafting thru the air, & not just one day - the last weeks have been often. SICK of it!! Need peace & quiet back! When will this stop????
Jules: 15 Mar 2012 : 10:13 am
long lost mate
hi im looking for mick alopton is he still about alf
alfred beilin: 14 Mar 2012 : 05:46 pm
Speed Humps: Ringwood Drive
Speed humps are not the answer. Driver behaviour and curbing lawlessness is.
Gillian: 19 Jan 2012 : 12:16 pm
Howard Centre
Two questions for the Howard Centre Management. How come Simply Asia has been allowed to encroach on the walking space and one now has to walk around when going to the post office etc. If I understand correctly Joe Fish was not allowed to do so. Why is there a vendor blocking access to the bicycle racks outside the library? The stand is an eyesore, smells of urine and I'm sure you don't need ID to buy cigarettes. Everything they sell is available from the rent paying shops inside the centre?
Angus: 10 Jan 2012 : 10:32 am