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Pinelands Directory Information Guide


We aim to offer information about all aspects of Pinelands life for local residents, and showcase our many local businesses.

pinelandsdirectory provides, free public, access to the most useful information regarding business, community services, education, recreation and much more in Pinelands.

We launched this web site genuinely tailored for your ideal target market - the people living and working in Pinelands and its surrounding areas, giving your local business the winning edge.

PinelandsDirectory gets you on the Internet - an effective means of communication and a great marketing arena. Online marketing and community involvement is a growing trend in the business world and the prospects of online advertising never looked better than now, especially in an area like Pinelands where most businesses and many households turn to the internet as their first choice when looking for information.

We believe that not only is local lekker, but also trustworthy. We believe that you would rather do business with someone who lives in the area and knows it well and with whom you can meet over a cup of coffee at a local establishment.

More than just a list...

The Pinelands Directory is as much a community services project as a marketing service for local business.

We ourselves are a local business, based in Pinelands. Our aim is to provide a vibrant information and entertainment hub for our fellow Pinelands residents and neighbouring suburbs.

We also offer local service providers, both business and non-profit, excellent exposure to the people who live and work in Pinelands and the immediate surrounding areas.

Our approach to offering a successful and useful service is to:

  • ensure constant web site traffic by offering fresh content that will keep visitors will keep coming back;
  • help our site visitors to easily find the information they need;
  • take seriously the quality and relevance of the information placed on the directory;
  • effectively market the site to create and sustain community awareness amongst the people of Pinelands and its surrounding areas;
  • keep developing new marketing options which merchants can use and resident will want;
  • be involved in the community;
  • support local home and small business and community services;
How does it work?

Simple, you subscribe.....

and we include your business on the web site. You can edit your information whenever you need to by simply emailing the changes to us at info@pinelandsdirectory.co.za. We will make the changes at no extra cost

We recognise the
constraints and needs
of small home business.
We are open to tailoring
a viable option for you.

Speak to us to get known!!

We offer
FREE subscriptions for NON-PROFIT
community service organizations

Why go online?

Unlike printed media, online directories and online advertising offer a great deal more information about your business than be presented in newspapers, billboards, flyers, etc. Furthermore updating information is instantaneous and far more cost effective. We can present quality information whenever you need it. What sets pinelandsdirectorty.co.za apart from other online directories however, is that our information puts you in-touch with services that you can realistically use – within 5 minutes of your home or business.

But I already have a web site?
Our service will complement your existing website and marketing material as we refer new visitors to your existing website through your listing with us. We are highly optimised for search engines and can channel visitors to your site through ours.

Why would Pinelands residents use this web site?

Local Relevance

Most other online directories are broad information-only based sites, and have no real interest to the public other than when a person is in a bind and needs some quick information. The pinelandsdirectory is about a community of people – about you and people you know or can come to know.

In partnership with the ratepayers association (www.pinelandscomm.co.za) we have the information relevant to your neighbourhood – the place where you live and work, and perhaps where your children are growing up or going to school.

Local Goodwill

Living in a community means that we can have mutually beneficial relationships with our neighbours through doing business with and serving each other. A community flourishes when people spend their money in and serve their community first. We want to help promote that community spirit.

Every time we use a service provider in Pinelands, whether it be a business, school, or community organization, we are contributing to a self-sustainin network of goodwill. pinelandsdirectory.co.za is a tool to spread that goodwill!!

How does my business benefit by being listed ?

You gain immediate exposure by having a listing. This exposure goes beyond the people who just live here. Think about it, where are the thousands of people who work in Pinelands but don’t live here going to eat, have their hair cut, do their shopping etc, when they spend most of their time in Pinelands?

It goes further. A B&B, for example, can direct their guests to look at the directory for other associated offered in Pinelands, like car hire and travel agents... as can estate agents, when potential buyers ask what the community offers. All this means that your business service will get greater exposure.

Small Business, Big Presence
The community often needs the services that small business offers but these are often off the beaten track and are not able to afford their own web site. By giving them an online presence (they can place the pinelandsdirectory.co.za address on their stationary), not only does the small business have access to far more customers, but big business now has a captive audience for that special they are wanting to advertise because they get exposure from these small business hits’.

Information for
your customers...
all day, every day

Every day more and more people look to the Internet as a source of information. A listing on the site provides the public with more info than your typical newspaper, flyer, magazine ad. It's so j easy to access, and it works for you 24 hours a day, every day... All with one easy subscription!!

Cost Effective
The Internet is a rapidly growing advertising medium. It is more cost effective than traditional methods of advertising,

Added Marketing
Many industries [tourism, leisure, accommodation etc] look to the internet for local information for their customers. This directly promotes your business if you have web presence. No traditional advertising offers this benefit.

A Trusted Presence
We believe the people of the community of Pinelands want to have a relationship with the people with whom they do business - this directory provides the connection for that to happen.

We have a range of
subscription options
to suit the needs of
bigger and smaller

Pinelandsdirectory.co.za, operating in Pinelands, Cape Town, lists all Pinelands business and service providers in Pinelands; including Pinelands accommodation, Pinelands property, Howard Centre, businesses, business parks, shopping centres, shops, restaurant, restaurants, take away, food & sweets, garden & home, bed and breakfasts, self catering, travel, travel agent, travel agents, tours, finance, banks, doctors, hair, health, beauty, clothing, shoes, printing, photography, music, movies, books, art, crafts, children, schools, education, computers, cars, car hire, pets, vets, sport, recreation, golf courses, religion, church, police, security, baby sitters, house sitters, community organizations.

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Pinelandsdirectory and its associates disclaim all liability for any loss, damage,injury or expense however caused, arising from the use of or reliance upon, in any manner, the information provided through this service and does not warrant the truth, accuracy or completeness of the information provided.