And so we now join other countries in living with a severe lockdown, grim daily statistics, uncertainty and worry about the immediate future... It's hard to come to terms with the sudden change from the festive and carefree spirit of the early summer. It feels like a dream from which we expect to wake to our 'normal' life but cannot. What we saw happening on TV screens in distant places a continent away has invaded our lives. While individual countries and regions have faced their own horrors of war or natural disaster in the past, this pandemic is shaping up as a truly global disaster, invading all territories, peoples and aspects of life.

In true South African style we have shared jokes and witty clips about it as it approached, but I sense a very definite change in mood to the serious practicalities of simply surviving it – protecting our families and preserving our livelihoods as best we can and supporting friends and neighbours where we are able to.

The 21 day lockdown announced by the President came as we were preparing this edition of the Muse. As with many other companies, we had to make hasty, late night plans, in our case, to bring forward printing and delivery to beat the Thursday midnight deadline.

In talking with our advertisers, it is clear that it will bring real and immediate hardship to many people as their incomes are suddenly cut off at the worst time when we were trying to emerge from an economy already in recession leaving many without many reserves from which to draw. As much as this economic lockdown will add to the challenges, I do think that it was a step we had to take sooner rather than too late. The consequences of a wait-and-see approach are plain to see in the differences in the outcomes in countries that have been through it ahead of us. We would be foolish not to use their experiences where too many citizens did not take guidelines seriously enough to turn back the tide.

Right now, it is hard to draw any positives... I am sure there will be some when it has finally passed. Perhaps it may be a renewed solidarity and unity born of a shared experience, or a reset, personally and as a society, as we look at what really matters when the chips are down and where we should direct our energies and resources as we rebuild... I hope so.

As for the next May edition of the Muse...whether we can put one out will depend on the course of the next few weeks. If we can print one we will, if not we will look to an online version on our website

Go well and stay safe. Max Schutte

The Muse Magazine
Apr 2020 • 105



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Health & Wellness


Pinelands Library

PRRA AGM Cancelled

The PRRA General Meeting due to have taken place on Thursday 26 March has been cancelled. The Library is cancelling all Hall and Committee Room bookings until further notice. Wishing you good “virus free” health.


Pinelands Baptist church Divorce Care Course
Tuesday 23 June 2020

Pinelands Baptist Church (PBC) will run a 13 week course starting 23rd June, designed to help those going through divorce or separation, bringing them back to wholeness as a single person. For more information call Alan Minogue 083 456 1196 or the PBC Office 021 531 3922


#AdoptATree 2020
Sat 18 April2020

The Renew The Elsieskraal River group, with support from the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust, hopes to plant a further 100 trees along the canal this year. Community members are invited to #AdoptATree. Email: for details of possible postponement due to COVID-19 precautions.

KAPS logo

Karoo Animal Protection Society Market

Markets at SASNEV are cancelled until further notice. KAPS relies entirely on donations, to educate communities in the care of domestic animals. Call Gloria 083 450 2782.

Pinelands Library

Pinelands Library

The Pinelands Library is cancelling all Hall and Committee Room bookings until further notice. Call 021 530 7160.

Pinelands Stamp Circle

Pinelands Stamp Circle

There will be no meetings while events are restricted during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information contact Martin on 021 689 5050.


Visit the South African Government
Covid-19 Information Portal

South African government Covid-19 portal

Emergency Hotline:
0800 029 999

WhatsApp Support Line:
0600 123 456

Covid-19 Testing Centre for the Pinelands Community

As a responsible business that cares about the communities we serve, Old Mutual continues to look for opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of our fellow citizens. In Pinelands, Old Mutual’s Mupine Golf Club was added as Lancet Laboratories’ third official Covid-19 testing site in the Western Cape. The Club’s facility in Forest Drive Extension (Pinelands) was refitted to meet the prescribed requirements and conforms to the controlled environment parameters to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors and medical staff. It is open to community members who have been referred for Covid-19 testing by their doctors.

NOTE: This is not a walk-in centre. You will need a referral from your doctor first.

CONTACT: Mupine Golf Club, Forest Drive Extension, Pinelands, Cape Town
CELL: 072 065 4869
HOURS: Mon - Fri 09:00 - 16:00